The Wicked Bees


Rocking the ska in the frozen tundra, the Wicked Bees bring their high energy show to stages across the upper midwest. Blending musical sophistication with high energy 90s rock sensibilities, the Bees win over crowds with their catalogue of hooky original tunes as well as third wave/reggae/pop rock classic covers.

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Press / Reviews

The opening bass line to the first track, “Hit ‘n’ Run” was enough to draw me in, and as soon as those horns came in, I was about ready to skank up a storm. Songs like “Hit ‘n’ Run” and “Age of Wine” resemble the traditional dance-like ska beat. “Minnesota” brings a lot more emphasis on the guitar, giving the song a more raw, punk rock edge to the EP—all while lead singer Dan Christianson upholds clean and emotional vocals similar to that of Billie Joe Armstrong.”

Slug Magazine

Wicked Bees,” a self-produced, full recording of maturity that confirms the adage that quality does not expect the number of years. ”

— Rude Boy Train (France)

Wicked Bees Bring the Buzz”

Fargo Forum